Jalan Distributors

Trading of empty glass bottles, used by the cosmetic, pharmaceuticals, and the packaged food and beverage industries, has been the business of Jalan Distributors for the past two decades. In the year 1985, Jalan Distributors started with selling empty nail enamel glass bottles, and since then the firm has not only increased its market reach, but has also expanded its product line. After having conquered substantial market share in Eastern India, in 2003 we started our operations also at Mumbai, the commercial capital of India. Pursuing a constant thirst to provide the customers everything under one roof has enlarged our product line from empty nail enamel glass bottles to, perfume glass bottles, pharmaceutical glass bottles, jars and bottles for packaging food and beverages, and other accessories like caps for the bottles.

Our continuous effort to ‘provide more for less’ (i.e. better quality for less price) has made us one of the biggest empty glass bottle traders in Eastern-India and Mumbai, and we are further looking forward to spread it’s wings in the Northern and Southern regions as well.

We have also ventured into foreign markets and plan to increase our international trades by leaps and bounds in the next decade.

Jalan Marketing Agencies

Expansion of the trading business in different glass bottles lines and growth in market share surfaced the need for decorating the bottles to meet the customers requirement to the fullest. Jalan Marketing Agencies is a sister concern of Jalan Distributors that specilalises in decorating ( printing, frosting and coating ) glass bottles, both at Kolkata and Mumbai.

Garima Management Pvt.Ltd.

To stay successful, it is very important for any firm to keep investing in the market. Garima Management Pvt.Ltd is another sister concern handling the firms investment.

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